Monday, July 4, 2011

Updates to the book: Overloading Australia

This blog-page, from July 2011, will be the site for on-line updates to the book
Overloading Australia: How governments and media dither and deny on population,
by Mark O'Connor and William Lines

This book came out 2 years ago and is now in its 4th (updated) edition.

The book's original, and still very useful, website is at  This includes useful material on the Replacement Rate Fallacy, and on the errors of cornucopian economists, and on the Monbiot Fallacy. However that site is no longer updated.

If you merely want to order the book (it is $20 and there is no change for posting copies to you within Australia) the order form is here.

But statistics and even public debates do date. So even if you have the latest edition of  Overloading Australia you might like to look through the adjacent entries in my blog  for updates on the population debate.

It is my intention to include in this particular blog entry any corrections to the book, or important updates to its statistics, and perhaps some material that William Lines and I are planning to include in the book's next edition.

As of July 4 2011 there are as yet no updates here, but there are plenty of  de facto updates in the adjacent parts of this blog.

-- Mark O'Connor

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  1. how come this person publishes his poems on line

    but few other aussie poets do?

    would like to see some of yours on your site - at least a few

  2. You'll find some of my poems at my main website or specifically at

    -- Mark O'Connor