Friday, August 29, 2014

Sir Walter Scott and Sir John Malcolm




This is a guest-posting to this blog. It is not by myself (Mark O’Connor) but by John Malcolm. The piece below is a spin-off from his 2014 biography of his early c.19th kinsman (and namesake) Sir John Malcolm.  It is a classic example of information that ought to be on the Internet, where the search engines can work on it,  rather than in a scholarly book, because it is full of wonderful pieces of diverse information – from a dog story told by the actor Garrick’s wife, to info. on Walter Scott’s meeting with the Duke of Wellington.

Now—over to John Malcolm to tell the story of a fascinating literary friendship between Sir Walter Scott and a fellow Scot, Sir John Malcolm, whom Scott once described as “The Persian envoy, the Delhi Resident, the poet, the warrior, the politician and the borderer....”.


Sorry! Change of plan.  This correspondence has now moved to a more appropriate web-page at




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